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Elegance with Southern grace
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Southern Vintage Photography is Charleston's premiere elegant portraiture brand that caters to the needs of sophisticated clients and maintains a sense of southern grace-- an identity that inspires romance, allure and timelessness.

They came to us seeking a rebrand and repositioning of their current identity, desiring to move from, in the words of the owner, Jacqueline, "cute" to something decidedly more romantic, elegant, and upscale. Desiring to both attract the right clientele and tell a better story, Southern Vintage Photography trusted us to envision the evolution of their brand. 

Initially concerned about potentially raising her prices fearing her small area wouldn't support big city fees, she didn't against our recommendation. However, after seeing her new branding, her client experience, and updated brand documents, she felt confident in moving forward in raising her prices. She stated, "I didn't receive a single push-back". She began booking out immediately and needed to raise her prices a second time the same year to keep up with demand. She is now fully booked for next year, 2023, before the end of 2022. I'd say that's a massive success! 

Watch our discovery and logo design process with Southern Vintage Photography on Adobe Live!

I was so excited to share our discovery and logo design process live with the Adobe Live crew. Across two sessions, we go from research to rough concepts, proofs, and final product. Watch the logo unfold below!

Thank you so much for watching and sharing in the process with me!

Day 1

Day 2

Since working with you, I've confidently increased our prices and we are already booked out into next year!

- Jacqueline


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We accept a limited number of design clients each quarter.

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